Video Hosting Websites – Data Sheet

Video Quality Datasheet

Website Codec Bitrate Resolution Max. GOP fps Re-encode Updated
blip.tv On2 VP6
435 kbps As source
30 15 Not if flv source
18 Jan 2008
Google Video Sorenson H.263 283 kbps 320 x 240 60 As source Not always 16 Jan 2008
revver On2 VP6
447 kbps 480 x 360 120 As source
Yes 7 Feb 2008
veoh Sorenson H.263 534 kbps 540 x 406
12 12 Yes 10 Jan 2008
vimeo On2 VP6
506 kbps As source (max. 504 x 404) 500 As source
Yes 20 Jan 2008
YouTube Sorenson H.263 320 kbps 320 x 240 250 As source Not always 4 Jan 2008


  1. Vimeo also has full 1280×720 quality on their site.

  2. Thanks! This is a great resource. I was going to do this myself but I’m glad someone is on it already.

    I don’t understand why people put up with youtube. And as along as they keep using it, youtube has no reason to improve their quality. Hopefully information like this can make the masses aware of the options and what they are missing out.

    Please keep up the good work.

  3. I’ll make Revver next on the list!

  4. Can you add Revver to this datasheet? I’m trying to decide where to host my camcorder videos. Thanks.

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