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The meaning of “Hasta la vista”

October 13, 2007

Vista busy cursor I guess most English-speaking people are familiar with the phrase “Hasta la vista” and know what it means. But clearly not everyone. Reviewing the search strings which bring traffic to this site I’m forever coming across “hasta la vista translation” or “what does hasta la vista mean?”

Well I’ve decided to take pity on whoever it is (or possibly a number of people) who don’t know what the phrase means and keep finding their way to this website while searching for the answer, only to leave again none the wiser.

“Hasta la vista” is the Spanish equivalent of the French “Au revoir”. Spoken between friends it means “be seeing you” or “see you later”. The words literally mean “until the seeing” in the sense of “until our next meeting”.

It can also be used in an ironic sense to mean “bye bye” as in goodbye forever. The classic example being Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s use of “Hasta la vista, baby” in the film The Terminator. It’s what someone tough might say, in a film of course, to someone who is pusillanimous and unworthy before despatching them into the next world, usually violently and noisily.

Which is, for the avoidance of doubt, the sense in which I use the phrase in the title of this blog.


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