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Hasta la vista, Windows 8

February 13, 2014

Vista busy cursor  It is odd to think that I started this blog nearly 7 years ago because Vista had just come out and I was struggling with it as an early adopter. 

These days I just run Windows 7 on my home PC (and use it on my work laptops) and otherwise barely give Windows  a second thought. Windows 7 is fine, it works and is pleasant enough to use.

There is no way I would go anywhere near the debacle that is Windows 8. Vista was bad enough and I don’t need aggravation for the sake of it. Microsoft appear to have lost their way so badly with Windows 8 that they may never recover from it. I’ll move away from Windows 7 when absolutely forced to and not a moment sooner.

Whereas my Vista-related pain was first hand, I am aware of the ongoing Windows 8 saga from tech news on the Internet, and I do still listen to Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on the TWiT podcast network. More out of habit than because I particularly care. Certainly not about Windows 8. I don’t have an Xbox or Windows Phone. So why do I keep listening? I guess the show still has its moments, although the interminable conjecture about who would be the next Microsoft CEO has merely given way to interminable conjecture about what Satya will do to take the company forward.

Puts me in mind of the joke about the old woman on a plane driving everyone mad with incessant loud whingeing along the lines of “Boy, am I toisty!” … “I am so toisty” … “Boy, am I toisty!” until a fellow passenger calls the stewardess and persuades her to get the woman a glass of water. The latter takes a long swig and everyone on board breathes a deep sigh of relief, until …

“Boy, wuz I toisty!” … “I wuz so toisty” … “Boy, wuz I toisty!” etc etc



Unexpected Pebble Delight

December 4, 2013

Vista busy cursor  Left to my own devices (no pun intended) I would never have bought a smartwatch or any other kind of “wearable technology”.  Put it down to my cynical nature. Do people really need or want wearables or are big technology companies trying to manufacture demand out of thin air? They do need to find the next big thing to follow smartphones and tablets in order to drive their never ending thirst for growth.

Having said all that, I now have and wear a Pebble smartwatch. All thanks to my kids who clubbed together to get it for me. They thought I would like it and had one shipped from the States. That was so thoughtful and sweet of them. They weren’t sure I would like it but decided to give it a shot.

Well, blow me but I have really taken to it. Maybe because it is from a small, startup manufacturer, as opposed to being an overhyped Samsung product or an overpriced Apple product. If you were being unkind you could describe the Pebble as a lump of plastic, but it is a sturdy and well made lump of high quality plastic. Its appearance is simple and understated but quite smart and attractive. It is not exactly svelte but neither is it oversized and bulky like the Samsung Gear. My wrists are a bit on the thin side for a man but the Pebble fits fine and does not look like a bulbous carbuncle.

As smartwatches go, it is not packed to the gills with selling-point features. No camera, no colour touch screen. It has limited functionality but the things it does are the things which are of value to me. I can be in the car and read my texts and emails as they come in, as if I were checking the time, and without picking up my phone. If I am out with the dog I can start or pause playback on my podcasts/audiobooks/music at the touch of a button, or adjust the volume or skip backward or forward 30 seconds, while my phone stays in my pocket.

And it tells the time with the cute watch-face of my choice. Cynicism be damned. I like my Pebble.


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