Podcast Pile-up

May 27, 2014

Vista busy cursor  I am starting to fall way behind with my podcast listening, and I’m blaming the dog. Yes, Tiggy the dog, who cannot be walked at the moment because she is about to have surgery for a cruciate ligament injury. Three or four dog walks a day, totalling anywhere up to a couple of hours translates into around 12-13 hours of prime podcast listening time every week, currently lost to me.

I suppose I could just go for a walk without the dog, or sit at home for the equivalent amount of time, with my earphones in. But I think I would feel odd or silly doing that.

Maybe, I should take up jogging. Now there’s a more promising idea. Tiggy will not be able to go for a proper walk for another 6 weeks while she recovers from surgery, so I definitely need to find some sort of solution. And jogging should have some health benefits for me. The question then is whether I will have to abandon the jogging when Tiggy is ready to resume normal walks. I’ll worry about that when the time comes, I think.



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