Sword & Laser YouTube Feed Fail

September 25, 2012

Vista busy cursor Frightening to think my last post on this site was back in April. I really have struggled to find time to nurture my blogs.

In that post I described how to use Yahoo! Pipes to create a pseudo podcast feed for the video component of the Sword & Laser show on YouTube. The method relied on identifying each episode of Sword & Laser by its YouTube tags. It was a less than reliable solution given that hosts Tom and Veronica were wont to be inconsistent in their use of tags from episode to episode. Also the feed would occasionally pick up videos from other sources which happened to refer to the Sword & Laser podcast.

It is all academic now because the last few episodes have not been tagged at all and the Yahoo! Pipes feed has gone dark, apart from the false positives. My guess is that this is deliberate. The Sword & Laser video is part of the Geek & Sundry stable and we the consumers of the content are supposed to embrace the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, subscribing to it and all that sails in it.

Well, I suppose that the expensive set, high production values, (minor) celebrity hosts and animatronic dragon all have to be paid for somehow.




  1. Good to see a tanelt at work. I can’t match that.

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