Am I bovvered?

December 20, 2011

Vista busy cursor Samsung have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy SII and a number of their other Android devices are slated to get the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment, the former in the first quarter of 2012. The original Galaxy S is not listed, so we can take it that it has been passed over for the ICS update.

As the proud owner of a Galaxy S, I find myself asking: am I bovvered? Do I feel slighted by Samsung for their failure to include my phone in their update plans?

Maybe I might if I had bought my phone on a 2 year contract.  I picked mine up in September 2010 on an 18 month contract and am advised I can claim an upgrade from the middle of February. So I think I can wait. The phone works fine and I doubt there will be that much in ICS that will revolutionise my use of it.  I’m more interested in upgrading the hardware than the software, and have my eye very firmly on a Galaxy Nexus.  Bigger, higher resolution screen, more powerful processor, more RAM. No carrier bloatware and no waiting on carriers for upgrades. Goodbye to Samsung KIES.

I will keep my Galaxy S to try out rooting and switching ROMs.  I have never dared mess about with my main day to day phone for fear of bricking it.  I need it to work and cannot take a chance on ruining it while voiding my warranty.  Once it is a spare phone, I can use it to experiment on with very little to lose.



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