Putting the Galaxy to rights #10 – Silent Night Tasker Profile

June 16, 2011

Vista busy cursor A while back I wrote a post about the Tasker profile I use to ensure notification sounds on my Samsung Galaxy S are automatically muted at night, from midnight to 8am.

The same profile would work on any Android phone. For the record this is the Tasker “script”:

Profile: "Silent Night
 Time: From 00:00 Till 08:00 
 Enter: "Mute Notifications" 
  A1: Notification Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
  A2: Notify Cancel [ Title: Warn Not Exist:Off ] 
  A3: Variable Set [ Name:%SNIGHT To:ON Do Maths:Off 
      Append:Off ]
  A4: Variable Set [ Name:%VOLMODE To:L Do Maths:Off 
      Append:Off ]
  A5: Silent Mode [ To:OFF ] 
 Exit: "Reinstate Notifications" 
  A1: Notification Volume [ Level:5 Display:Off 
      Sound:Off ] 
  A2: Variable Set [ Name:%SNIGHT To:OFF Do Maths:Off 
      Append:Off ]

The two “Variable Set” instructions are not necessary to make the profile work. They just set the user defined Tasker variable %SNIGHT to “On” or “Off” as applicable so other Tasker profiles or tasks can modify their behaviour, where relevant, depending on whether the Silent Night profile is active. I could just have had those other profiles/tasks refer to the time, but that would have involved more work and, more importantly, not taken account of any manual disabling of Silent Night. Enter tasks A2, A4 and A5 are again not essential. I use them to cancel out the effects of other Tasker actions which I use.


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