No more Daily Giz Wiz, no more Daily Ringtones

March 26, 2011

Vista busy cursor The Daily Giz Wiz is one of the longest running podcasts in Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech network, and for a long time (until the advent of Tech News Today) was the only TWiT podcast to come out daily. However, it has been struggling to get sponsors and Leo concluded it would fare better as a weekly podcast. I think he is actually planning to call it the Weekly Daily Giz Wiz.

Never mind finding a name for it. The biggest problem is that the daily themes have gone.  You can’t have a different theme for each day of the week when the whole week’s programming has been collapsed into a single podcast.

The passage of the daily themes into podcast history had a knock on effect on my choice of mobile phone ringtones. For years I had my phone set to ring with the DGW theme of the day.  I even used the Saturday and Sunday themes which were created for the show even though it never aired over the weekend.

I could have kept the daily ringtones for old time’s sake but they were apt to cause embarrassment from time to time. So I have ditched them.  I have bowed to conventionality and now have a single ringtone, regardless of the day of the week. It is Sleepflower by The Manic Street Preachers. Aside from boasting one of the greatest riffs of all time, it is helpfully very loud.



  1. The show is still listed on twit.tv as Daily Giz Wiz but the new episode out today is titled “Weekly Daily Giz Wiz 1307”.

    I think Leo needs to work out what he’s doing with this show.

  2. Absurdly, it looks like the podcast is still going to be called the Daily Giz Wiz, even in weekly format. Maybe any new listeners will assume the naming is for comedic reasons or a manifestation of the madness that makes Dick DeBartolo Mad’s Maddest Writer.

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