Putting the Galaxy to rights #5 – Froyo Wi-fi Fix

December 14, 2010

Vista busy cursor Updating my Samsung Galaxy S to Froyo appeared to resolve a problem I had been having with bluetooth and wifi but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions too soon.

It had been a particularly annoying problem whereby I had to keep turning the wifi connection off when away from the house, otherwise on my return my headphone’s stereo bluetooth connection was likely to be broken when the home wifi connection was re-established. A typical scenario would be walking the dog. I would be out and about listening to audiobooks or podcasts. On returning home I would hear the warning tone the headphones play when the bluetooth connection goes down and the podcast would suddenly be playing through the phone’s loudspeaker. I have my phone scheduled to turn notification sounds off at night and on in the morning and this automatically reinstates wifi so, even if I had remembered to turn wifi off, it might still come back on unbidden during a walk or trip to the shops. Worse than that, the wifi would then try to connect to someone else’s wifi and on occasion freeze up as a result. There have been a few times I’ve had to take the battery out to force a reboot.

Having said that, this misbehaviour did not happen every time and its failure to reappear after Froyo might have just been a run of good fortune. Also, while the bluetooth/wifi clash had been discussed in Android forums there was no change brought in under Froyo designed to fix it, or at least none advertised.

It has been a few days since my Froyo update and all doubts have gone. I can wander as far and wide as I wish with wifi left on and nothing untoward happens. Neighbours’ wifis are ignored and when I get home my phone reconnects to my wifi without prompting bluetooth to miss so much as a beat.

My guess is that the improvement has nothing to do with any software changes to the wifi or bluetooth stack under Froyo. It could just be that the modest increase in performance from the upgrade is what has done the trick. Maybe the pre-Froyo connection drops were simply due to the phone not being able to process code quickly enough to keep the bluetooth connection alive while going through the wifi reconnection handshake, or at least not every time. It would depend on the resource load on the processor and could explain why the effect was intermittent. Froyo’s small performance boost might just have been enough to allow the phone to keep both stereo bluetooth and wifi handshake processes on the go simultaneously.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is very informative.

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