Putting the Galaxy to rights #3 – Fits of Froyo Frustration Flaring in the Forums

December 9, 2010

Vista busy cursor T-Mobile have only yesterday released the official Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S, having promised that it would arrive before the end of November, following months of stringing customers along prior to that.  The missed deadline was compounded by inadequate communication and generally poor expectations management, with the result that tempers had been flaring on the T-Mobile user forum.

Even now that Froyo is available for download (through the hated Kies software) the grumbles rumble on.  Some people are unable to get Kies to co-operate with the upgrade at all.  Others have upgraded but complain their phone runs slow or email is sluggish, and suchlike.

A lot of people complain that upgrading kills the text messaging system and the only way to get SMS working is to do a factory reset, which means elaborate backup and restore procedures and a lot of careful planning.  One forum member mentions that a user data reset from the Settings menu is enough to solve the SMS problem and no pictures, videos etc are lost.  You still have to reinput all your application settings though.  In any event, even if SMS is working after Froyo (as it seems to be for some) you still have to set up all your application icons and widgets from scratch.

It does all sound a bit fraught and risky.  The result of the upgrade also seems to vary with age of phone and whether it was bought unbranded or direct from T-Mobile, already with the annoyingly loud T-Mobile power up splash screen. My phone is relatively new which is probably good news. Another pointer is that leaving the phone alone to do its thing, during and after the upgrade, makes for fewer glitches.  I get the impression some people are too anxious to start fiddling with their phones after the upgrade, before everything has “settled down”, and somehow applications get out of kilter as a result.

I shall wait for a few more days and keep my eye on the forums, in case any more useful pointers come to light.  When I do take the plunge with Froyo I will document all my settings, use MyBackup Pro to back everything up to the cloud, ensure I have a very full battery, leave the update to chug and settle without interference for a couple of hours.  Hoping to give myself the best shot at a smooth Froyo.


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  1. One other useful idea was to install the handcent SMS app, which works after Froyo even if the built-in messaging app goes on the blink. Not an elegant solution but it does provide a work around to avoid the pain of a factory reset.

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