Perfect Zip Tap Coffee

June 15, 2010

Vista busy cursor For years I’ve had to contend with dreadful coffee at work from the typical workplace coffee machine.  It claims to be a high quality “bean to cup” device. Well I don’t know what sort of beans they use or what the machine does to them, but the result is tasteless or worse.

Then some weeks ago we had a zip tap installed in our kitchen area.  In case you don’t know, a zip tap is a self-contained instant boiling water dispenser tap, installed into a work surface with just a tap and water drain area visible. The gubbings are hidden under the worktop.  For safety reasons, you have to hold a small button in at the same time as pushing on the lever that works the tap.

An obvious use of the zip tap is for making tea and coffee.  I bought a small jar of Douwe Egberts instant coffee and some semi-skimmed milk and decided to try it out.  Well, the result was a big improvement over the office coffee machine but not as good as I am used to at home, using the same brand of coffee.

I reasoned it must be to do with the water temperature.  At home, I wait until the water in the electric kettle is fully off the boil before pouring into my coffee cup, to avoid the taste of the coffee being seared out of existence by the boiling water.  Clearly, the water coming out of the zip tap was too hot, resulting in the destruction of coffee taste that I am so careful to guard against at home.

So I have changed my methodology.  I now grab an empty white plastic drinks cup from the office coffee machine and half fill it with boiling water from the zip tap.  I wait a few seconds then slowly pour that into my coffee mug, over the Douwe Egberts. I can then safely top up the mug direct from the zip tap.  That gives me the optimum combination of flavour and temperature.

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