Avatar the Musical

January 20, 2010

Clapperboard I would like to create a musical version of James Cameron’s “Avatar”, maybe with some surprise special guests borrowed from Disney movies.

One of the characters would ask “Where do we find the Unobtanium?” in reponse to which Sebastian the crab would  break out into a rousing chorus of “Under the Tree”.

Under the tree, under the tree ...

What do you reckon?

Thought as much.


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  1. Check that off the list of things I was confused about.

  2. How neat! Is it really this simlpe? You make it look easy.

  3. on windows live movie maker if you ve adrealy selected a webcam how can you change it because i cant manage to change it. the webcam is built in by the way. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Some initial musings on the lyrics for “Under the Tree” …

    Under the tree, under the tree
    Down to the roots, dear
    So we’ll just shoot, dear
    And kill the Na’vi

    etc etc.

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