Windows Live Writer to the rescue?

August 11, 2009

Vista busy cursor I have been finding less and less time for blogging and tend to get put off by the time it takes to put together even a modest post.  It’s not so much the words – those normally flow quite readily.  It’s the fiddly add-ons, like the animated gifs and bookmark bars and particularly the photos.  I tend to include a lot of pictures in some of my blogs and on WordPress it is a real fart to insert pictures, size them to fit exactly, etc.

What I really want is a WYSIWYG blog editor with drag and drop photos.  Of course I remember Paul Thurrott of WinSupersite fame going on about Windows Live Writer when talking to Leo Laporte on the Windows Weekly podcast.  So I’m trying it.  I have installed WLW and am using it right now.

So, let’s add a photo.

Well that’s wasn’t all that much better than using WordPress.  I still have to copy and paste a URL, but it’s a bit less fiddly and resizing is easier.

Let’s save this and see what it looks like.

Conclusion?  Disaster!

The resize of the image failed because the preview is not true to the actual size as finally displayed.  And fine control of paragraphs is messed up.

The only benefit is that it is more responsive.  WordPress takes such a long time to update each edit.

Guess I’m still looking for the magic bullet.  I tried, Paul, I tried.

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