This iPhoneless Life #1

February 27, 2009

iPod If you want a single device to be both your mobile phone and media player, why look any further than the iPhone? But if you don’t have one – how far would you get using say a WM6 phone to do the same things?

Well, I have been a Windows Mobile PDA-phone user for years and still have the best part of a year to run on my latest WM6 phone (O2’s XDA Stellar which is the HTC TyTN II under a different name). I might very well switch to the iPhone when the contract runs out, but for now I’m stuck with the HTC.

I had become used to going everywhere with both my WM6 phone and my ageing iPod mini, using the latter extensively for podcasts and audiobooks as well as music. When the battery on the iPod mini finally gave out around a month ago my first thought was to replace it with a current iPod nano. But then I got to wondering whether the HTC could be persuaded to play iPhone stand-in. I had always dismissed that as impractical, if only because I could not imagine how it might cope with all my podcasts. But I can now buy a big memory card, the HTC can play music and video and has a big screen. And I would only have one device to carry around, just like the iPhone.

That’s how the experiment began.


Step one was to buy a suitably capacious memory card. The HTC supports SDHC micro cards and it cost around £16 to get a top brand 8GB card, that’s more memory than I had with the dead iPod.

First (minor) drawback – the display on the Today screen of the HTC misreports the spare capacity on the memory card. It is currently telling me I have only used 1% of the total whereas I have filled over 2GB. I think this is a problem with the WM6 OS and the newer SDHC cards. I previously used a standard density 256MB microSD card with the HTC and the capacity was reported correctly. In any case, the device certainly reads/writes fine with SDHC.

What next?

I assumed music wouldn’t be too difficult.  I was more worried about podcasts.  With iPod and iTunes working in tandem, podcasts are a breeze and I had everything set up with a smart playlist to get the podcasts in the right order. If I couldn’t get something similar working on WM6 with Windows Media Player 11 that would come  as a complete showstopper.

How did I get on?  That will be #2 in this short series of posts.

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