Hasta la vista, wordpress.com

February 4, 2009

Vista busy cursor No, I’m not ditching WordPress, but I have got rid of the pesky wordpress.com domain from my URL.

No longer http://hastalavistavista.wordpress.com, this blog is now just http://hastalavistavista.com.

WordPress have found a new way to make money.  They monitor domain names likely to be of interest to their customers and automattically (sic) offer them for purchase when they come available.  Clearly the guy who owned hastalavistavista.com failed to renew. I did make contact with him (Nicky Precht) a while back and tried to get the domain transferred, but it was too difficult to deal with his registrars and I gave up.

Then today a message pops up on my admin page to let me know the hastalavistavista.com domain is there to be had.

WordPress make it so easy to buy the domain through them and link it up to your blog that they will capture a lot of domain registration business.  Clever or what?

Maybe I’m silly for investing in a domain that is in danger of becoming “dated”, what with Vista recovering from its troubled birth and now the advent of Windows 7. But this website has established a brand in its own very modest way, so I’m going to stick with the name.

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  1. I did not forget to renew hastalavista.com – I choose not to, to let you have it – it was a hassle and it was easier just to let it go, as no profit was in it for me 😛

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