iPhone RAM issue not going away

January 29, 2009

iPod Most of the hits on this website now are coming from iPhone users who are desperately trying to find a solution to the much-loved device’s tendency to crash.  The problems are due to insufficient RAM for all those functions and apps, as described in depth here.  The iPod Touch is similarly affected.

As the number of iPhones and iPod Touches in circulation increases, the more the clamour for a fix. Here is a taste of the search strings which brought visitors here just in the last few hours:

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128 mb limit iphone

I really can’t understand why Apple haven’t done something about this yet. Come on guys! There’s a problem here.

Sort it!

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  1. I second that! I too feel embarrassed when I open a app to show someone and it crashes. Right after I told them how awesome this phone is then it does stuff like that. All I know if someone could offer RAM upgrades, they would be rolling in cash.

  2. I was just given an iPhone for my bday a couple weeks back and I absolutely love it. It’s embarrassing however when I go to show someone a cool game and it just exits without any warning. Or when I installed backgrounder so I could run Pandora in the background, only to find out that the iPhone doesn’t have enough memory to run Pandora and ANYTHING else. Even using the regular audio player while surfing with Safari can cause problems.

    How can they make such an amazing device and cripple it with so little ram? I would gladly pay another $50 or $100 to upgrade the ram if that was offered and I don’t think I’m alone in that. If Apple said starting today you can bring in your iPhone, plop down however much cash, and we’ll bump your ram up to 256 megs, I’d be all over that.

    Is 256 really too much to ask? If the next gen iPhone has at least 256 I’m going to upgrade which means I’ll give my current phone to mom and buy a new one since she wouldn’t be wanting to run ten things at once like I want to do.

    • @Garry, when u do so, remember buying one for me also. 🙂

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