The Perils of the Daily Giz Wiz

December 19, 2008

Dick Debartolo read my letter out on Daily Giz Wiz 724.  That’s the third now.

Not sure why, but he seemed to struggle with bits of it. For a start he mixed up commuter and computer. Mind you my awful handwriting has always been a problem over email.

Here is the full text as I sent it to him:


Leo is forever extolling the benefits of podcasts and audible books for commuters, to alleviate the tedium of long journeys and the frustration of congested traffic. That’s all very well, but commuters may, in some situations, be listening to the DGW at peril of their very lives!

I had an uncomfortably close brush with the hereafter listening to DGW 704 while driving home from work last week. You had just read out a listener letter about whether movie stars and other celebrities still go out to war zones to entertain the troops, and Leo suggested that the two of you might go out to Iraq to perform the Daily Giz Wiz for the troops, introducing them to the CartStopper from DGW 701.

That did it for me!  I couldn’t help but visualise rank upon rank of battle hardened soldiers in the audience, with you and Leo trying to get them all enthused about a device designed for young moms, to prevent runaway shopping carts in supermarket parking lots.  The sheer preposterousness of the thought overcame me and tears of uncontrollable laughter started to roll down my face. That wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if I hadn’t been driving at 70mph along a motorway, fast approaching a tricky junction where two busy sections of motorway merge.  It really does help if you can see in those circumstances, and I was barely able to open my eyes because of the laughter.

Heaven knows how I did it, but I managed to navigate the junction and survived to tell the tale.

For the safety of listeners, I urge you to have Dane, as part of his editing duties, check out each episode for dangerously funny moments and insert a warning message where applicable.  Something along the lines of: “Warning! The next few seconds of this podcast contain a dangerously amusing random throwaway quip.  If you are driving at speed, or approaching a difficult junction, you are strongly advised to pause this podcast and resume when in less vulnerable circumstances.”

But hey, I wouldn’t miss a single episode so I’ll just have to be bold and continue to take my life in my hands on my daily commute. The DGW rocks! (specially on Thursdays)


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One comment

  1. A self-critique:

    I don’t think this worked terribly well as a DGW letter to be honest.

    It wasn’t just that Dick kept stumbling over the words. It was too long to hold listeners’ interest and the humour is maybe a bit of an acquired taste. And the wordy language style is better suited to the written format. The best DGW letters are short, straightforward and deal with some simple point.

    I’ll try to stick to that in future.

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