You thought I was kidding about BA’s Bag Drop!

September 4, 2008

Being brutally honest, so did I.  My post of 26 February suggesting that British Airways were planning to rename their Fast Bag Drop to Bag Drop without the “Fast”, was a modest attempt at humour.  A personal whinge about how long it actually took to drop off your luggage.

Obviously BA read my blog and took the complaint to heart, or someone took them to task under the Trade Descriptions Act, because I now note that BA bag drop is now called just that, Bag Drop.  No claim to be “fast” anywhere in sight.

There is now though a Premium Bag Drop for use by gold/silver Executive Club members etc.  I could in principle use that, but yesterday morning when I flew Manchester to Heathrow there was only one Premium desk and that had the longest queue.  Oh, well.

No doubt we can expect another statement shortly from Adam Pocket.

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One comment

  1. Maybe I spoke too soon. It may be only Manchester where the “Fast” has been dropped. The equivalent service at Heathrow T5 is still advertised as “Fast Bag Drop” even though at peak times the queues at those desks are long and hardly seem to move at all.

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