iPhone iNadequacy – plenty of apps but any more RAM?

July 15, 2008

iPod The original iPhone was already hampered by its limited 128Mb RAM; restrictive enough to make it crash on browsing websites with a large number of images or when using Cover Flow with a large album collection.

Well, the problem has just got worse. The new 3G iPhone invites you to download lots of fascinating apps from the iTunes app store. This will place yet further demands on the iPhone’s RAM so you would have thought Apple would have taken the opportunity of the upgrade to boost it by the odd few hundred megabytes.

Well Apple are being rather coy about the specifications so it is hard to be sure, but it does look like the RAM has not been beefed up.

The release of the 3G iPhone has coincided with a big increase in hits to this website (particularly this post) from iPhone users (or maybe potential buyers) trying to find out about the amount of RAM on the iPhone or because they are encountering Safari crashes or other similar problems. It is probably too early to say but I suspect Apple have just exacerbated a problem they should have been acting to fix.

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