From the lips of Dicky De…

July 8, 2008

Vista busy cursor It is a surreal feeling when you are out walking the dog, as you do every day, listening to your favourite podcasts, and out of the blue your own name gets mentioned on a popular show.

This is not the first time I’ve heard my name mentioned on a high-profile podcast. I have had a question answered on the award-winning Security Now! podcast with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, and previously a letter read out out on The Daily Giz Wiz with Leo and Dick DeBartolo, but on both those occasions I had a strong inkling I would get a mention.

It is quite different when you’re not expecting it. There I am, walking the dog in the morning as I do nearly every day, earphones in, listening to a playlist of podcasts including most of the shows on Leo Laporte’s TWiT network, and in particular Daily Giz Wiz 606. Dick and Leo conclude their chat about the featured gadget (Display Link), the letters jingle plays, there follows a bit of spillover discussion about the gadget and suddenly Dick starts talking about a “letter” he received from me.

I was caught out because I had not thought of my email as a “reader’s letter” as such. I follow Dick on Twitter and he follows me. There had a been a period of about a week when Twitter replies weren’t working and Dick had twittered about not being able to read replies to his tweets, so I had emailed him about the Summize.com solution.

I suppose I had suggested Dick get Leo to give the solution some publicity since so many high profile Twitterers were complaining they couldn’t get at their replies and didn’t appear to know about Summize.

Rumour has it Twitter are about to buy Summize, presumably to integrate them as a search engine. If the combined service performs as poorly as Twitter does now I’d rather Summize remained independent.

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