No Surprise Wise use Summize for Twitter Replies

June 27, 2008

Vista busy cursor For some days now the “Replies” tab on Twitter has been inactive. Try to use it and you get the message that “Twitter is stressing out a bit right now, so this feature is temporarily disabled”.

This means that if anyone has replied to one of your tweets (in my case using @denniswright in the text) I will only see it in my Twitter timeline if I happen to follow them. Now most of the tweets aimed at me are from people I do follow so it’s not a massive issue for me. It’s more of a problem for Twitter heavy hitters who are followed by a shedload of people, while themselves following relatively few, but wanting to check on interesting tidbits from their hinterland of followers.

The latest tweet from John Dvorak, 23 hours ago, read: will REPLIES EVER work again? Looks sketchy. Makes it hard to interact.

A simple solution is to use Summize.com as a stand-in for Twitter Replies. There are any number of Twitter-related websites that fill in the numerous gaps in Twitter’s functionality, taking advantage of the fact that at least Twitter exposes a decent API. Summize contributes the much needed search function, so if I search in Summize for @denniswright I will get all tweets directed at me, including replies from followers who I don’t follow back.

I hope John Dvorak and other Twitter heavyweights (not being personal here John) know about this or figure it out soon.

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  1. I love twitter. Checking out Dvoraks right now!

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