Roz Savage spams Twitter and Google from out in Pacific

June 7, 2008

Vista busy cursor I have had to stop following solo Pacific Ocean rower Roz Savage on Twitter today because she was sending out tweets every few seconds via SMS, non-stop for what seemed like ages. The text of every tweet was an error message:

“rozsavage: You have sent an invalid keyword. Your message was not delivered. Begin your message with the keyword and try again or contact …”

For all I know this is still happening. I have not dared start following her again.

Presumably she uses some automatic system which got stuck in an endless loop. Hope she spots this and stops it before she qualifies for a record she wasn’t bargaining on – largest mobile phone bill ever.

Odder still, I started noticing some traffic reaching this website (ie Hasta la vista, Vista!) with the search string “You have sent an invalid keyword. Your …”

So I tried entering that string into Google and it only gave one result. This! Yes, it’s a page on this website, but that search string does not appear anywhere on it.

I confess to being mighty puzzled.

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  1. Her web site doesnt appear to be working …anybody know whats happening ??

    • Her site is up at the moment. Maybe her hosting service had some downtime.

  2. Solved it!

    Google cached this version of the page, which goes back to a time when I had latest Tweets appearing on my website and it recorded a snapshot of an earlier barrage of Roz Savage spam for posterity.

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