Congratulations, Jarret M Coon

June 3, 2008

Vista busy cursor I don’t really know who Jarret Coon is but he seems to be on a mission to work his way up the Twitter leader-board. At the last count he had approaching 4,400 followers and had made it to number 91 in the rankings, 9 places higher than Hillary Clinton. Puts my paltry following of 24 to shame.

His Twitter bio describes him as “a 14 year old technologist and financial guru who is trying to make his way online.

Maybe looking to sell his Twitter account replete with large numbers of followers? In April Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame put his Twitter account up for sale with only 1,400 followers and soon had bids of around $1,500. In the event he backed out, confirming it was all nowt but a publicity stunt. Who’d have believed it of him? All the same, anyone know what the going rate for 1,000 Twitter followers is?

How has Jarret built up his following? It seems to be a mixture of twittering outrageous garbage more or less non-stop and following lots of other people (over 126,000) presumably on the basis that a percentage of those will reciprocate by following him. This suggests you can expect no more than a 3-3.5% reciprocation rate, and the followers will be a random rag-tag of debatable value to a would-be purchaser of the Twitter account.

All the same the guy merits a measure of kudos for his achievement.

Well done, Jarret, whoever you are.

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  1. Check this out for more information on this Jmcoon spammer: http://getsatisfaction.com/twitter/topics/the_unusual_case_of_jmcoon

  2. Hello!!!!! i have seen what you have been righting …. LL 🙂 love you bitch 🙂

  3. Thanks, I was wondering who this person was.

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