Updeight for 2008

February 25, 2008

Vista busy cursor The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford has failed to win an Oscar. That was thing number 5 of my Eight for 2008. It was nominated in two categories, but Casey Affleck missed out on Best Supporting Actor (that went to Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men) and it was beaten to the Best Cinematography award by There Will Be Blood.

Less than 2 months into the New Year, 3 of my Eight for 2008 have been realised.

Here’s a status report:

1. A democratic Pakistan

Preferably combined with “Mr.” Pervez Musharraf getting his come-uppance as quickly as possible.

Well Musharraf does seem to be getting the kicking he deserves in the polls. There is hope for democracy in Pakistan. I remain cautiously optimistic.

2. Global financial meltdown is avoided

I confess to feeling decidedly nervous about how well world financial markets will handle the continuing reverberations sparked off by the sub-prime mortgage debacle in the US. A soft landing can only be achieved if the key institutions follow the right policies. If they get it wrong we could all be in for a very rough ride.

It’s still touch and go, but we are not obviously plummeting into financial ruination. It will be some time before we know how deep the crisis will bottom out, but the fact that there has not been a precipitous collapse (so far) is mildly encouraging.

3. The Arab world takes a lead by recognising Israel unilaterally

Unlikely, I know, but such a bold move would lead to peace quickly because it would send Hamas and other hard-liners a signal that their campaign to remove Israel in toto no longer had widespread sympathy throughout the arab world. The game would be up for them and a settled peace would quickly follow, including the creation of a Palestinian state.

No, this was never a possibility. But you knew that. I was just making a point.

4. Either the Blu-ray or HD-DVD camp win the format war.

I don’t mind which, but a winner needs to emerge quickly lest it prove to be a pyrrhic victory and consumers will lose out too.


5. Jesse James snoozie movie misses out at the Oscars

I’m referring to “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”. It’s hard enough to stay awake through the title, never mind the film.

As of last night, tick.

6. Lewis Hamilton is F1 World Champion 2008

A great guy as well as a great racer. The pressure got to him right at the death this year. But he’s still very young. He’ll toughen up.

Season yet to start. We’ll see.

7. Jethro Tull revive “A Passion Play” and take it on tour

The world may just about be ready for it now.

Another complete non starter and no-one could imagine otherwise. Just me being wistful.

8. Sheffield Wednesday beat Preston on 1st Jan.

That would be a great start to 2008.

Tick. The subsequent wins against the Blades Blunts and Cardiff have lifted us just out of the drop zone but Championship survival is still very much in the balance. Let’s hope the rumours of an imminent takeover (by a consortium led by Geoff Sheard) are true.

A bonus 9th might be Microsoft apologising to the entire world for Vista.

Hah, hah, hah …. !

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  1. The tally might hit four sooner than I thought.

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