Vista vexation to vice-free video

January 29, 2008

Vista busy cursor The focus of this blog has changed over the last couple of months or so. At one time posts about Vista were predominant, but the emphasis has shifted to Internet video technology, at least for the time being.

It’s not that I’ve gone soft on Vista and its unimpressive track record to date. I did start this blog quite explicitly to record my experiences as an early adopter of Vista, but clearly there was always going to be a strict sell-by date on any such project. Even if Vista had not become more tolerable it was only a matter of time before a replacement OS came out. We now know Windows 7 is scheduled for release sometime next year. It sounds like Microsoft can’t wait to put Vista behind them, and small wonder.

Even if discoveries of Vista shortcomings are now less frequent than in the past, I shan’t be mothballing this blog. The name will not change; in its own small way it has established a little “brand”. And there will still be Vista related posts, or commentary on Windows 7, as and when I have something worthwhile to contribute.

Going forward I will let this blog evolve naturally, driven by whatever seems to be interesting and topical. For a while now I have been concentrating on the challenge of how to embed good quality video in blog posts, because this has been relevant to my needs. No doubt when I’ve exhausted that, I’ll shift my attention elsewhere.

Wherever we go from here, I’ll be sure to keep it focused and constructive.

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jonny.

    A big hug to you!

  2. There’s no reason why your blog’s name should hold you back. After all, “Hug A Hoodie” isn’t exclusively a blog about anti-social behaviour – come to think of it, I’ve hardly ever touched on the subject. You’ve got a clever little pun, an established readership, and an informative techy blog with good articles. Just keep going! 😉

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