Viva Vodpod

January 24, 2008

Vista busy cursor I have become very reliant on Vodpod for embedding my videos into blog posts. My blogs are and have always been hosted on WordPress.com whereas I find a new favourite video hosting site every other week … YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, blip.tv … but the Vodpod “Post to WordPress” bookmarklet works perfectly with all of them.

Not only that, but the Vodpod team respond to feedback and sort things out … quickly!

I had just discovered the wonders of blip.tv, in particular that they will not re-encode any video uploaded in Flash format, regardless of bitrate or anything else. This makes it possible to embed much higher quality video in blogs than is currently possible with YouTube or similar sites, again using Vodpod to achieve the final embedding.

I had just blogged all this when I noticed something very annoying. The blip.tv hosted videos would autoplay when the blog post was opened in the browser. A particular problem if, as is sometimes the case, I want more than one video in a single blog post. The two (or more) videos immediately start competing for the limited download bandwidth, and when two or more have started playback you get the sound playing back simultaneously.

I assumed there was some option in the Vodpod parameters to turn autoplay on or off, just as there are options to set the height and width of the video as displayed. I emailed feedback@vodpod.com and was promptly emailed back by a very helpful individual named Scott Persinger who treated the autoplay as a bug to be fixed, which I guess it was. He was kind enough to compliment me on my blip.tv discovery and then proceeded to fix the autoplay problem.

Embedded blip.tv videos no longer autoplay, thanks to Scott. They do appear all black initially, unlike YouTube et al which display a still frame when they first load. I can live with that. It all adds to the sense of mystery and anticipation.

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