Hypocrite Kermode not surprised by Baftas

January 17, 2008

Clapperboard The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (TAoJJbtCRF) fared no better at the Baftas than at the Golden Globes. Worse, in fact. No nominations at all.

Iconic BBC film critic Mark Kermode said there were “no real surprises” [in the Bafta nominations] except for a “slightly poor showing for Sweeney Todd”.

Mark Kermode Simon Mayo

Odd that he failed to express surprise at the complete absence of any showing for TAoJJbtCRF, which he had declared on the Simon Mayo radio show to be his film of the year, no less. He had gone on to say that all the people who had subsequently complained that the film was “boring” were “wrong”. Does that make BAFTA wrong too, or at least the individuals responsible for the nominations? Or might they have been secretly impressed by the film but thought better of nominating it given that it had bombed at the box office?

The good doctor did ruefully observe (in the recent Bafta bonus broadcast with Mayo) that TAoJJbtCRF had been glossed over despite his high regard for it, without further comment or explanation. If he is genuinely unsurprised about its absence from the Bafta nominations he should explain why such an august body might be expected to ignore such a praiseworthy film. And if he was surprised he should have come clean, or be prepared to face accusations of hypocrisy. Where are your convictions man?

My 5th thing of eight looks pretty safe now.

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