Video Website Datasheets #3: veoh

January 10, 2008

Vista busy cursor Hard on the heels of the technical analysis of vimeo, another video website which has acquired a reputation for quality – veoh. The results are interesting and surprising.


A. Output Quality

File Format: flv (Flash video)

Video Codec: Sorenson H.263 (FLV1)

Video Resolution: 540 x 406

Video Bitrate: 534 kbps

Max. GOP: 12 frames

Frame-rate: 12 fps

Always re-encoded: Yes

Audio Format: MPEG-2 Audio layer 3

Audio Channels: mono

Audio Bitrate: 64 kbps (CBR)

Audio Sampling Rate: 22.05 kHz

Audio Resolution: 16 bit

B. Input Flexibility

Input File Formats: AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, and Windows Media Video (not flv)

Max. Video Length: None

Max. File Size: None

C. Comments

  • The flv format is not accepted, so video files are always re-encoded.
  • Like YouTube, veoh forces a resolution change but to 540 x 406. That’s 2.85 times the number of pixels you get with YouTube’s titchy 320 x 240 resolution. The max. GOP (Group of Pictures) is only 12, eschewing YouTube’s trick of having gaps of many seconds between keyframes. All of this would lead you to expect significantly better quality than YouTube or for that matter vimeo, but at the cost of a far larger file size, yet the video bitrate is only a little higher than vimeo’s at 534 kbps. Something has to give to stop the bitrate getting out of hand – and it’s the frame-rate. Veoh forces a frame-rate of only 12 fps. The result is exceptionally good image quality, but slightly jerky playback. The impact of the poor frame-rate is noticeable.
  • So everyone needs a trick to keep bitrate under control. Vimeo uses a long GOP (large gap between keyframes), veoh goes for a low frame-rate instead.

    Summary of just the key data affecting video quality for all websites analysed can be found here.

    For all Video Datasheet posts click here.

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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