Eight for 2008

December 28, 2007

Vista busy cursor Hug A Hoodie has attempted to infect me with the “Eight for 2008” viral meme. This typical web nonsense appears to have originated with a certain political blogger called Iain Dale whose main interest is presumably driving up traffic to his website.

The idea is “to list eight things you’d like to see happen in 2008, and pass on the plague to another five victims”. I’m copping out. I will list my eight things but don’t have the heart to inflict this on anyone else.

Here are my eight things:

1. A democratic Pakistan

Preferably combined with “Mr.” Pervez Musharraf getting his come-uppance as quickly as possible.

2. Global financial meltdown is avoided

I confess to feeling decidedly nervous about how well world financial markets will handle the continuing reverberations sparked off by the sub-prime mortgage debacle in the US. A soft landing can only be achieved if the key institutions follow the right policies. If they get it wrong we could all be in for a very rough ride.

3. The Arab world takes a lead by recognising Israel unilaterally

Unlikely, I know, but such a bold move would lead to peace quickly because it would send Hamas and other hard-liners a signal that their campaign to remove Israel in toto no longer had widespread sympathy throughout the arab world. The game would be up for them and a settled peace would quickly follow, including the creation of a Palestinian state.

4. Either the Blu-ray or HD-DVD camp win the format war.

I don’t mind which, but a winner needs to emerge quickly lest it prove to be a pyrrhic victory and consumers will lose out too.

5. Jesse James snoozie movie misses out at the Oscars

I’m referring to “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”. It’s hard enough to stay awake through the title, never mind the film.

6. Lewis Hamilton is F1 World Champion 2008

A great guy as well as a great racer. The pressure got to him right at the death this year. But he’s still very young. He’ll toughen up.

7. Jethro Tull revive “A Passion Play” and take it on tour

The world may just about be ready for it now.

8. Sheffield Wednesday beat Preston on 1st Jan.

That would be a great start to 2008.

A bonus 9th might be Microsoft apologising to the entire world for Vista.

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One comment

  1. So, more than 5 years on, let’s see how we did.

    1. Musharraf did get his come-uppance and Pakistan is on the face of it a democracy. Sadly there is still much not right in that particular nation. One out of one, though.

    2. A resounding one out of two. Barely turning the corner now.

    3. One out of three, but that was an extreme example of wishful thinking.

    4. Blu-ray did win and it was almost pyrrhic, given the emergence of services such as Netflix, ditching optical media in favour of streaming films and suchlike over the Internet. Ironically I have recently bought a Blu-ray player, but only because it was a Samsung wifi enabled model which instantly turned my LCD TV into a “smart” TV. Two out of four.

    5. No Oscars for Jesse James, although it did get a couple of nominations. In fairness, I wouldn’t have been upset if Roger Deakins had won the Oscar for cinematography. Three out of five.

    6. Lewis Hamilton did win the 2008 F1 world championship, by a single point on the last bend. But a win’s a win. Four out of six.

    7. Tull have not revived a Passion Play. I was though privileged to see The Who’s revival of Quadrophenia this year, which is nearly as good, but unfortunately that doesn’t count. Four out of seven.

    8. Wednesday did beat Preston, if not exactly by dint of stunning football. But a win’s a win. Five out of eight. Not too shabby overall.

    And no apology for Vista. A bit late now, and Microsoft should be focusing on an apology for Windows 8 instead.

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