Monaday #3

December 24, 2007

powershell logo I may have done PowerShell a disservice in previous posts in the Monaday series. It seems it isn’t really aimed at the private user at all.  It looked like it was intended as a replacement for the DOS command prompt but maybe the latter is not quite ready for pensioning off.

PowerShell, it would appear, is a scripting tool for administrators. I guess Microsoft envisaged that IT departments running large numbers of servers will use PowerShell scripts to automate common tasks, and it will in general be a specialist tool for professionals.

That is certainly the impression I had from Paul Thurrott in the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, and is confirmed by this website.

On that basis I am ending the Monaday series at #3. I have no particular use for PowerShell at the moment and plenty more useful toys to play with.

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  1. Thanks Hal, maybe it is worth persevering.

    I am at least now clear that PowerShell is a high power alternative to the .bat file, not a replacement.

    I did look briefly at Cmdlets which is where I guess you harness the power of .NET for scripting purposes.

    Not a priority for me right now but thanks for helping to put PS in its proper perspective.

  2. Hey man, I think you may have missed the point of PowerShell. Yes, it’s all that you have mentioned, but it’s extremely useful for any power user sitting at his desktop who wants to get more done with less. Anything you can do in DOS, you can do in PowerShell, obviously. Plus, anything you can do with vbscript–you can also do in PowerShell. On top of that, much of what you can do with .NET–you can ALSO do with PowerShell.

    All of the above is useful for system administrators (I agree that’s the primary focus), programmers, and all sorts of automation tasks at your desktop.

    Let me know if I can help turn you around. 🙂 Be sure to check out my podcast for more tips: http://powerscripting.net

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