No end to the Vista hate mail

December 19, 2007

Vista busy cursor Following on from CNet UK dubbing Vista one of their “Top ten terrible tech products”, PC World have declared Vista their “Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007“.

I can’t argue with that given the scale of the product, the long wait and Microsoft’s own hype.

I don’t agree with everything PC World say about Vista. In some cases they’ve been too nice about it:

“… the Aero interface is as whizzy as it gets …”

No way! There’s far more “Wow!” to be had from Mac OS X, even, or Ubuntu Edgy in harness with Beryl/Xgl. Aero Glass delivers little more than could have been achieved under the XP CPU-centric user interface. Putting the graphics card’s 3D capabilities in charge of the UI should have yielded more than some semi-transparent window borders and a gimmicky flip 3D window selector that you play with once then never bother with again. Utterly devoid of flair and imagination, and above all playing it “safe”. That is what I call truly disappointing.

“Despite its hefty hardware requirements, Vista is slower than XP.”

Erm … surely it’s because of its hefty hardware requirements that Vista is slower than XP. Vista demands more resources so on the same machine it runs slower.

Well, some of the points made in the article were right. Who knows? Maybe PC World are top of Microsoft’s list of “disappointing journalists of 2007”. Or more likely second behind CNet UK.

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  1. thanks microsoft… we’re switching to apple… i don’t even know how to delete a file on windows vista which was idiot proof with the windows xp… so if you wanna call me an idiot go ahead… you guys are bigger idiots to change something that was easy to use…

    once again my moto proves true… if it isn’t broken, FIX IT!

  2. I agree with Jonny – Microsoft has no idea what an OS is supposed to do. I wasted three months on Vista before XPing my new machine. My next machine will not be Microsoft based.

  3. Found an Internet cafe in Edbro have we?

  4. The real question is: what do you want out of an operating system? Personally, I’d like an OS to be efficient, easy to use, powerful – and place a minimum drain on system resources. If I’ve paid for a lot of RAM and a flashy graphics card, I want to use them at their full potential, to run my apps. I don’t want the OS eating up half of them before I’ve even started!

    Vista should have been efficient and careful – instead, it’s flashy and profligate with system resources. If I want to be wowed by impressive 3D, I’ll go play Bioshock!


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