Vista Temperature Check

December 11, 2007

Vista busy cursor Judging by the search strings which bring visitors to this website, the pattern of problems encountered by Vista users is changing. There are still people looking for solutions to slow performance and freezes, but there are far larger numbers more concerned with specific issues, such as how to enable the audio “what you hear” channel (which Microsoft deliberately crippled in Vista) or why it is almost impossible to do any kind of video encoding in Vista without something major crashing.

Here is a selection of “Vista problem areas” (in order of number of relevant hits on this site) and the related search strings:

COM Surrogate and Windows Explorer Crashes Associated with Video encoding

Tendency for the “COM Surrogate” process to crash when encoding video, and for drag/drop operations on video files to crash Windows Explorer where certain video codecs are used.

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Vista’s Video Nasties

Search strings:
Host Process of windows services stopped, folder containing video crashes explorer, vista avisynth avi fail, com surrogate, program crash opening avi file in vista, what is COM Surrogate, windows explorer crash dllhost.exe, dllhost.exe com surrogate + vista, xvid com surrogate, recycle bin explorer crash windows vista, avi encoding pc crashes vista, explorer crashes when moving folders, recycler bin explorer crash windows vista, Vista crashing a lot com surrogates, buffer overrun while running mp4 content, mp4 crashes vista, vista and video crashes, DllHost com surrogate vista, why is video playback so bad in vista, Video crashes explorer vista, buffer overrun while running mp4 content, dllhost com surrogate vista, dllhost COM Surrogate in the DEP

“What You Hear” Disabled

Disabling of “stereo mix” or “what you hear” audio channels

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With Vista what you hear is not what you get

How to get what you hear

Search strings:
recording what you hear on vista, “what you hear” in vista, vista audio capture what you hear, stereo mix vista, what you hear sound driver, vista disabled audacity streaming audio, enable what you hear in vista, what you hear audacity, “Stereo Mix” o “What you hear” vista, what you hear windows vista, “what you hear” vista, audacity “what you hear”, vista record what you hear

Nero 6 does not work with Vista

Nero 6 does not install or does not work correctly in Vista

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Nero Burning Rage
ImgBurn the answer?

Search strings:
fix for nero 6 in vista, nero will not work on vista, nero burning update for vista, problem nero 6 not working in vista, Specified host adapter invalid nero, nero burning on vista compatibilty

MS Visual Studio 6 does not install correctly on Vista

Installation of Visual Studio 6 on Vista does not complete correctly so that service packs cannot be installed

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Getting Visual Studio 6 to install on Vista

Search strings:
Is Visual Studio 6 compatible with Vista, vb6 vista ole error, vista & vs6, visual studio 6 vista compatible, “Visual Studio 6” Vista, visual studio 6 setup fails, visual studio ver 6 vista, install visual studio 6 on vista

Confusing UAC messages caused by some startup programs

Vista repeatedly blocks some programs that launch on start-up (eg Adobe Update Manager) because they trigger User Account Control

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Now UAC it, now you don’t
Vista: Confusion, alarm and annoyance all rolled into one

Search strings:
vista blocking adobe update manager, vista startup items always ask, vista startup programs safe to stop, adobe update manager and windows vista, adobe update manager vista startup

Vista’s Slow performance & Tendency to Freeze

Vista tends to perform sluggishly, particularly on lower end machines, and can lock up altogether with some applications

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Vista’s Morning Sickness
Vista’s voracity for RAM
The suckiness of Vista was evident long ago
The majority of Vista PCs being sold right now aren’t powerful enough to run Vista
Well worth the upgrade from Vista to XP
Dipping my toe back in

Search strings:
Performance/freezing issues with iTunes iTunes runs slow on vista, itunes vista freeze, itunes slow launch vista, does itunes slow down vista, itunes causing vista to freeze Relevant posts Vista performance, resource requirements vista runs like a dog,”windows vista runs slow” “cpu”, superfetch sucks, 1gb enough vista Relevant posts Vista freezes vista freeze, why does vista freeze right up, busy cursor freeze vista

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