GoPod Go!

October 17, 2007

iPod Apparently Europeans can’t be trusted not to deafen themselves with their iPods. The maximum volume is limited and this cannot be circumvented by fiddling with the settings. American iPods have this feature overridable by the user, because the US Government deems all Americans to be maturer than Europeans, and therefore trusted to use their iPods responsibly.

Now I do like a lot of rock music, but even on my European volume-capped iPod I never turn it up to the max. That’s not my beef. It’s more about voice-only content such as audiobooks and podcasts, and particularly some BBC podcast productions where sound levels are set very low. You can’t listen to some podcasts walking down a busy London street or on an airplane because the background noise just drowns them out. If my hearing were at risk from turning up the wick on my iPod it must be more so from airplane noise. Maybe the EU would like to fit volume limiters to British Airways’ 737 fleet.

I hit upon a free application called goPod which toggles the setting directly on the hard disk of a European iPod between capped and uncapped. It’s Open Source, so you can even have a play with the source code if you feel so inclined. I had a quick peek.

Anyway, it’s a PodSend.

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