The Vista Profiteers … or not!

October 12, 2007

Vista busy cursor You can understand the temptation of software companies to ride the coat-tails of the launch of a new version of Windows to generate some extra sales of their own.

It helps if the new Windows (think Vista here) has been messed with enough under the skin that some existing proprietary software no longer works. As software vendor, all you have to do is not fix the current version of your program, but release a new version which is compatible with the new OS. As new PCs pre-installed with Vista start appearing in homes around the world, and people start to find their favourite third party apps won’t work any more, well it’s only a matter of time before those aggrieved souls find they have no choice but to buy your latest Vista-compatible release.

This is called understandable profiteering, and is sadly quite common. It’s all the more understandable given that many of these software vendors have been denied this type of Windows-launch-powered sales boost for some years due to Vista’s protracted gestation.

But will they actually be able to cash in? Or are consumers too savvy?

A case in point is everyone’s favourite disk burning software, Nero (originally Nero Burning ROM), from German software company Nero AG (formerly Ahead Software).

Back in April, in Nero Burning Rage, I reported difficulties installing Nero 6 on Vista. I overcame those and thought I had a working product, but later encountered problems actually trying to burn DVDs.

Did I upgrade to Nero 7 (or now 8?) as Nero’s website would have me do? I really couldn’t see any added value in moving to the latest offering other than compatibility with Vista. I objected on principle to having to spend money on an otherwise unnecessary upgrade.

So I did what many will do and looked for a free alternative. I found a perfectly good free solution in ImgBurn, as covered in my post “ImgBurn the answer?” in August.

Nero 6’s incompatibility with Vista is clearly aggravating a large number of people because, to this day, “Nero Burning Rage” and “ImgBurn the answer?” continue to occupy positions right near the top of the popular post rankings on this website. I also see this in the search strings through which people find the abovementioned posts. And a large proportion of those people then proceed to click on the ImgBurn link and the link to the ImgBurn guide on the afterdawn forums.  I imagine many of those are now happy ImgBurn users, as I am.

Maybe if Nero aren’t getting as big a sales kick out of Vista’s launch as they might have hoped, it’s because of the numbers following the trail to ImgBurn and possibly other free alternatives.

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  1. I did indeed upgrade to XP as mentioned here.

    I’ve since downgraded back to Vista so I can continue to chart its progress, such as it is.


  2. I’m Burning with Rage at Nero! I am now a happy ImgBurn user. Have you upgraded to Xp from Vista yet?

  3. Good point. I guess no free workaround available there, though.

  4. Don’t forget Creative who has done this with Hardware. (X-Fi/Vista) Pay for work around fix.

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