Lucky Vista user gets to sock it to Ballmer

October 11, 2007

Vista busy cursor There were many times during my early experiences with Vista that I would have relished the opportunity to tell someone high up at Microsoft exactly what they could do with their new OS.

Lucky Yvonne Genovese got to do exactly that to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Gartner Inc. Symposium ITxpo conference in Orlando. The article in Computerworld is here.

And here’s a snippet:

“I’m one of those early adopters of Vista,” said Yvonne Genovese, an analyst who was interviewing Ballmer along with fellow analyst David Smith on stage at a conference forum. “My daughter comes in one day and says, ‘Hey Mom, my friend has Vista, and it has these neat little things called gadgets — I need those.'”

Said Ballmer: “I love your daughter.”

“You’re not going to like her mom in about two minutes,” said Genovese, while the crowd laughed.

She went on to explain that she installed Vista for her daughter — and two days later went right back to using the XP operating system.

A woman after my own heart, with no qualms about saying “Hasta la vista, Vista!”

The backlash goes on.

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