Can anyone explain this please … ?

September 24, 2007

Vista busy cursor Dark and mysterious are the ways of the blogosphere. Clearly someone took an interest in my recent post about the poor mix between secure home wifis and visitors with laptops wanting casual Internet access.

But why have it machine translated into Urdu then back to English? Look at this and explain it to me.

A brief example:

“Meantime the section changes poor my son’s wifi unification – he was inferior than gruntled”

I don’t think my son will be at all gruntled to find himself described as any sort of inferior. The cheek of it!

I can only guess that my post appeared, after machine translation, in some foreign language blog aggregator site then someone saw it and had it machine-translated back for reposting on an English language site, namely Hard Disk Recovery, clearly not realising that there was an English original.

Or maybe someone’s just ‘avin a larf.

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One comment

  1. Looks like the weird version of my post has been taken down. Just as well really.

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