Some raw nerves out there

September 10, 2007

Vista busy cursor My Vistashock posting hit some raw nerves on the Neowin.net forum.

I discovered from my blog stats that it had been reposted on the Jokes section of the Neowin forum. Someone in Russia had spotted it and put it up, but it was deleted after a day. The commentary had been getting a bit personal.

I quite liked the look of Neowin so I’ve joined it and taken on the display name of HLVV (because there are already loads of Hasta la vista Vistas – I was offered Hasta la Vista Vista33. Hrrmph!)

I also reposted the Vistashock item because to my mind it had been taken down a bit prematurely. Not so to most others on the forum. Sensitivities about “Vista bashing” are very much in evidence. As is clear from the comments to the thread on Neowin, there has been a lot of this in the past and the forum regulars are now a bit cheesed off with it. Needless to say, my Vistashock effort, which was very tongue in cheek and admittedly over the top, went down like a lead balloon.

Maybe the typical Neowin forum member has a quad core PC with 4Gb of RAM and an 8800 series graphics card, and has not noticed any performance problems with Vista, so assumes that anyone who complains about Vista performance must be an Apple fan boy mindlessly out to rubbish Microsoft.


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