ImgBurn the answer?

August 28, 2007

Vista busy cursor Despite my claims, in Nero Burning Rage, that I had succeeded in getting Nero working in Vista, the reality has been less than satisfactory. Although I managed to get the program to install, it does not in general burn correctly.

In particular I have been tending to find Nero failing on DVD+R burns with the error message “Specified Host Adapter Invalid”. I have not been able to find a way around that, despite updating the burner firmware, reviewing the ASPI drivers, installing Nero Vision Express, etc. so I concluded I needed to go back to the drawing board.

The answer wasn’t so hard to find: ImgBurn. This has the double advantages that it is freeware and it works with Vista!

It has been around for a while but used to be for burning disk images only, hence its name. The good news is that it now has a “build mode” that allows you to specify the files you wish to burn, just like Nero. It has all the other advanced options you might want, including setting the Book Type etc. It is also just as easy to use as Nero.

There is a simple guide on using ImgBurn here.



  1. How did you get Nero 6 to work on Vista? I did what you said and got it to install, but when I go to use it a message pops up saying there are compatibility issues and when I click “run program” another message pops up saying that the Windows closed the program. So annoying! How do I get around this?

    • Liana

      As explained in my earlier post Nero Burning Rage:

      For anyone interested, I ran the install program under the administrator account and then, under the properties for the executable file, set to XP SP2 compatibility mode. I ignored all messages from Vista about incompatibility.

      But that only got it installed, not working properly. I gave on it and switched to imgburn which does all the same things only without all the fuss.

  2. I’ve now used ImgBurn a number of times in Vista, both in image and build mode, and the results are faultless.

    I do though still use Nero for Lightscribe printing although so far I’ve only tried Lightscribe in XP.

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