Grisoft Gripe

August 20, 2007

Vista busy cursor Back to Vista means back to some annoying little niggles I had all but forgotten about. There is an annoying incompatibility between Vista and the e-mail virus scanner built into Grisoft’s AVG free antivirus software.

The e-mail scanner is (in my case) an Outlook add-in that gets installed along with the AVG program, and looks for viruses in email attachments and suchlike. Unfortunately, it gets turned off by Vista a few seconds after booting up. The AVG control centre software detects this and the bright coloured AVG icon in the notification area of the taskbar turns an ominous grey. You can launch the control centre and activate the scanner manually, but this takes a fair few mouse clicks and gets more than irksome after a while.

I guess the blame lies more with Microsoft than with Grisoft, given that the exact same program runs fine on XP. As against that, there is scant evidence that Grisoft give a flying frog. I can find nothing on their website other than this less than conclusive entry in their forum. I tried the various suggestions and none of them work.

There is some treatment of this issue on techguy.org and CNET.forums among others but no-one really seems to have a clue. The best advice I could find was to switch to Avast!

Well I think I’m going to try it. Like AVG it has a highly regarded free version.

The other option is quicker – disable the email scanner. Given that I am using Cloudmark I really shouldn’t need it unless people I know are deliberately trying to infect my PC.

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  1. Jon, I’m not sure I follow you. What is HPE? Do you mean the HPE trojan?

  2. in just moment only HPE SP2 more safety, IMHO

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