Dipping my toe back in

August 19, 2007

Vista busy cursor Until the last few days I’d barely booted Vista in months, having been true to the name of my blog.

However, Microsoft recently released some optional updates to Vista, to improve performance and reliability. Given how critical I’ve been of Vista, I thought it was only fair to give the updates a try and see if they made a difference.

The first update, KB938979, is intended to improve performance (KB article 938979) while the other, KB938194, addresses certain compatibility and reliability issues (KB article 938194).

I have installed these manually. At present they are only available for manual download, which involves verifying your copy of Vista is properly activated.

I have gone back to using Vista for a few days now. I’m not sure whether it is down to these updates or the myriad other tweaks Microsoft have released as security updates, but using Vista does not seem as painful as when I first acquired it. I don’t seem to be as dogged with freezes, disk-thrashing and rotating busy cursors as before. Just at the moment, using Vista does not feel particularly different from using XP in terms of responsiveness, even using email and emptying the recycle bin.

I’ve done a few spot checks on certain tasks (launching programs, copying files etc) and the timings on XP and Vista are coming out identical.

I’m not rushing to any conclusions here, but there does seem to be an improvement. I still think Microsoft need to do a lot more to earn forgiveness for the mishandling of Vista’s development, and putting it out half-baked, but they do seem to be trying to sort out the problems and you have to give credit where it’s due.


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