Snap Vista satisfaction poll

August 2, 2007

Vista busy cursor I have not seen much by way of formal Vista consumer satisfaction surveys on-line, so I ran a snap poll on my Newsvine column, asking Newsvine members who were Vista users to rate how satisfied they were with the OS.

It is obviously difficult to ensure the responses are not biased or skewed, given that readers may be more motivated to vote if they are unhappy with Vista, and Newsvine seems on balance to have something of an anti-Windows leaning. I cannot claim the results are statistically valid or that the poll is particularly scientific, but it does have some value as an informal temperature check.

The poll is still open but at the time of writing this post only 4% had rated Vista as a great step forward from XP.

48% rated it as a step backward from XP and 60% felt it was no better than XP overall.

There is only so much you can read into this. The poll made no attempt to distinguish between satisfaction with features/functionality versus satisfaction with performance/stability, leaving readers to take an overview of all the criteria as they saw fit. Similarly there was no attempt to link user experience with the specification of the hardware on which Vista was running. As has already been discussed, this can make quite a difference.

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