Luckily you don’t need Vista to enjoy some of Vista’s better features

July 16, 2007

Vista busy cursor Aside from Aero Glass, which is not that fantastic anyway, there are not that many worthwhile new features in Vista.

One that is valuable is the start menu, which sorts your programs and groups them. This makes a big difference particularly if you install a lot of programs. With the normal XP start menu you can literally run out of display space and it can be murder to find the program you want.

Thankfully, developers are starting to produce programs which allow you to enjoy some of Vista’s few benefits without having to contend with Vista itself. Dennis Nazarenko has created a free utility (surprisingly called Vista Start Menu) which recreates Vista-style start menu functionality in XP.

I’ve tried it out and have to say it works, is well designed and has a very professional looking interface.

It makes it easier to say “Hasta la vista, Vista!” without missing out on some of the few features in Vista actually worth having.

Hat tip to Royston Vasey Slim (Slimboydim) for mentioning Vista Start Menu in his blog.


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  1. There is another free program called Tidy Start Menu (available in Russian and English) that organises your XP start menu in thematic groups. But now I got rid of it and just created such thematic folders in the Main Menu section of Documents and Settings. Then you place the program shortcut, icons or groups to the according thematic folders and have a nice small Start Menu with all your software organised into several groups, like Internet, Graphics, Office, Security, Entertainment, Programming, Utilities etc. Of course, it doesn’t have Aero interface, but if you wish you can change icons for each program folder or do other tweaks.

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