Value Added Resellers not recommending Vista

July 10, 2007

Vista busy cursor I came across this recent blogpost referring to an on-line survey by CRN, which revealed that Value Added Resellers in the US are still not recommending “upgrading” to Vista.

For anyone unclear about VARs and how they differ from computer retailers, etc it is all explained here.

An extract from the blogpost:

The question posed was what percentage of their customers were getting their recommendation to upgrade to Vista.

While a majority was held by none of the answers, 0% recommended was close, with 47% of respondents saying that they were advising their customers to not make the change. This was followed by 31% of the respondents saying that between ‘1% and 10%’ were getting the advice to switch. The next tier was ‘10 – 30%’ being given the advice to switch, and to that the amount was 8%. Tied at 8% of responses was the advice for ‘30 – 50%’ customer switch, with 6% of the respondents recommending 50 or more per cent of their customers make the conversion.

This really is bad news for Microsoft, as it was hoping adoption rates would be much higher. No matter what it claims, independent results show that adoption is very slow in the business community, and the majority of non-business users are in the Vista fold because the new PC they use was so equipped.

The important thing to remember about this survey is the respondents are involved in reselling and supporting this new operating system. It benefits them monetarily to move customers to the new software, unless they feel that either the customer dissatisfaction will be too great, or the time spent will overtax their support capabilities, or both.


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