The suckiness of Vista was evident long ago

June 17, 2007

Vista busy cursor One of the websites listed in my blogroll is the pithily titled vistasucks.

Out of curiosity I read the very first post on that blog, dated 25 January 2006. It is a link to this blogpost by Freshman 15, entitled … vista sucks. I’m putting that down to coincidence. Hmm.

Anyway, Freshman’s post summarises the results of his brief dabble with Vista over a year before the release version came out, back when it was available for download as Release Candidate 2.

What I picked up on was the verdict of an anonymous commenter who had also tried Vista RC2. He encountered all the same problems that dog the release version today. Some quotes:

“This operating system is too big for any pc to run I have a top of the line system and at times this OS completly freezes”

“Vista is a Ram Guzzling, Hard Drive thrashing, CPU over utilzing (sic) Whore.”

“I know it’s just the RC2 stage but how much better can they make it… They need to put this damn OS on a Diet..”

Sound familiar?

So the issues we have now with Vista were there to see in RC2. There may have been some improvement from there to the release version but clearly not enough to overcome the problems. The chances are they are fundamental to how Vista has been put together right down to the core. It rather suggests that anyone who thinks Vista will magically purr like a finely tuned Lamborghini after SP1 comes out is in for a big disappointment.

Throwing RAM at the problem apparently helps, in some areas at least, but users shouldn’t be forced to shell out on hardware improvements to counter unnecessary OS bloat.



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  2. Being someone who still looks back fondly to the days of my 16MB RAM Zorba and its command line interface, I have to toss in some reality checking here. Yes, there are many ways in which Vista “wastes” RAM and other resources on what amounts to eyewash and pretty shiny junk. It also remains to be seen just what sort of everyday applications benefit from a 64-bit architecture.

    So far my Vista experience hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected — and I moved to Vista kicking and screaming when I realized my previous 5-year-old system was just not going to continue operating reliably for much longer, and there was no sign on the immediate horizon of the sort of apps I would need to find in open source to justify switching entirely to Linux.

    The day a Linux box is sufficiently appliance-like for my particular needs (at this point the chokepoint being fully flexible video editing and related graphics editing) will be the day I can dustbin Windows and Microsoft for good, I hope.

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