How real people are getting on with Vista

June 12, 2007

Vista busy cursor Here are some examples of actual search strings which have brought visitors to this site over the past 7 days:

  • why does my new Vista machine run so slow
  • vistas unresponsive
  • vista chugs
  • vista does DEP slow my computer
  • windows vista thrashing disk
  • windows vista disable superfetch
  • itunes vista sync freeze
  • cure for vista freeze
  • vista 1gb worth it
  • vista windows mail slow respond
  • why does my nero 7 load up slow in vista
  • windows defender taking ages to complete
  • slow imageready on vista
  • windows defender makes my pc start too slow
  • vista overnight frozen

This is hardly a scientific survey but it does show that there are real people out there mystified as to why their shiny new Vista PCs are pigging slow, unresponsive, given to freezing after being on standby overnight, given to freezing when accessing mail, why mail is so slow, why the hard disk sometimes thrashes seemingly interminably, why programs take ages to load.

The reality is not what you expect after the hype. Expect a slow growing wave of serious disgruntlement. “vista chugs” just about says it all.



  1. The post you happened to find was intended as a temperature-check on how users at large were getting on with Vista at the time. I can’t help that it didn’t solve your issues there and then.

    Try a deep breath and a more leisurely read through this site. It’s all there. Or just ask me a question, preferably politely, in the comments and I’ll do my very best to help.

  2. Thanks for wasting my time by explaining WHY I found this site, but not explaining my answer. @$”!#’s [edited for language].

  3. The worst OS since ME.

  4. Different=noticeable I hope 🙂 As far as I know it’s still running on FreeBSD: its remotely hosted for me so I have no choice, but it works well.

    I think the XP issue was down to the hardware I was using: I’ve always had to make do with marginal spec hardware up until recently and maybe there was too much competition for resource between OS and apps. I have a better spec’d laptop now and the only thing I’m really having problems with is the Vista freeze, but this only seems to occur when FireFox 2 tries to load some sort of Java based component. I upload lots of images and whatever component the site uses seems to be an issue. It works fine with IE7 though.

  5. I’m surprised you find XP less reliable than Vista, Peter. It’s always been rock solid for me since SP2. I’m now back using XP as my main OS (though Vista is still bootable from another drive) and only now am I enjoying the real benefit of my new faster PC.

    Incidentally, your website is very … erm, different. What platform is it on?

  6. > The reality is not what you expect after the hype

    I can’t believe that people still believe the hype 🙂 As far as I’m concerned Vista is slow but much more reliable than XP. If it would stop asking me questions every 5 minutes and perhaps cut out the unnecessary GUI cr*p while copying etc I’d be a lot happier.

  7. Essentially what’s happening is that people are finding Hastalavistavista because they’re searching for solutions to Vista-related problems that I’ve previously encountered and blogged about.
    If nothing else it shows that there are plenty of other people having the exact same issues with Vista that I have had.

  8. […] How real people are getting on with Vista Hasta La Vista Vista has compiled a Google Trends-like list of search terms that has brought visitors to the site. The results are pretty insightful and show people searching for answers to such curious questions as “windows defender makes my pc start too slow” and “vista overnight frozen” Read more. […]

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