Dear Paul Thurrott

June 11, 2007

Vista busy cursor This is the text of an email I sent to technology journalist Paul Thurrott today:

Paul Thurrott


I’m a regular listener to your Windows Weekly podcast with Leo Laporte and my ears pricked up when you mentioned the problem with files downloaded by iTunes (running on Vista) mysteriously vanishing and not present when you try to sync with your iPod. I came across this quite some time ago and mentioned it here:

In that blogpost I speculated whether there might be any link with the tendency for large files not to download properly. It may be a Firefox thing because I almost exclusively use Firefox with Vista, but at the end of a long download I’ll get a message that the download failed. However the file is still downloaded albeit with the extension “.part” appended to the filename. If you rename it to remove the extension, the file is generally found to be complete and work perfectly.

Have you encountered this or heard of anyone else coming across this?

Incidentally, I have been true to my blogname (hastalavistavista) and upgraded to XP. XP is installed on a separate drive so I can always go back to Vista, but my experience with XP is so much better that I can’t imagine downgrading back to Vista any time soon.

I firmly believe history will look back on Vista as one of Microsoft’s biggest turkeys.



I don’t suppose I’ll get a reply. Paul must get a lot of email. Still, at least I know I’m not the only person to have this problem with iTunes, and I’m (probably) not going mad.


One comment

  1. Hey, don’t know if you’re still having trouble with this but I am. Have been living with the problem since about when you blogged about it.

    What seems to be happening is that some files are downloaded to the temporary download folder but not transfered and renamed to the correct podcast folder so left as simply download.mp3. This means that when the next download is started, it gets overwritten (even if the next one is successfully moved and renamed after being completed).

    Flick me an email and maybe we can sort it out.


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