iTunes 7 and the runaway song files

April 10, 2007

Vista busy cursor iTunes 7 has the annoying habit of losing downloaded files. I’ve only noticed this with podcast files but then I download a helluva lot more podcasts than I buy song files off the iTunes store.

This annoying behaviour has been in evidence from the off. It could be an iTunes thing. That would not be a complete surprise given that iTunes 7 is known to still be buggy on Vista even after some recent fixes.

It could equally be a Vista thing, or an unholy combination, but it really is starting to get up my nose.

File missing dialog

I will occasionally sync my iPod to pick up the latest podcasts only to be told that some podcast or other (and sometimes several) could not be synced because iTunes could not find the file. This seems odd because iTunes had appeared to be doing some downloading, and the podcast appears in the podcast view. But a check of the iTunes folder shows that the file is, as claimed, startlingly absent.

So what is going on? Either the file was downloaded or it wasn’t. Or maybe it was but then Vista decided it had not downloaded properly and deleted it.

I strongly suspect the latter. It seems to tie in with Vista’s general bad networking behaviour. For a while I was having trouble downloading larger files under Firefox. The download would appear to complete then I’d get a message that the download had failed, but the file would still appear on the desktop with a “.part” extension tagged on at the end. If I removed the “.part” from the filename the file would then work perfectly. Weird or what?


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