You cheap copycat, Jobs!

March 30, 2007

Vista busy cursor OK, OK, Apple thought of it first, or at least before I did.


No idea who if anyone owns the copyright, but if I get a cease and desist notice I’ll be looking for a new blog name.

That might also come as bad news for Nicky Precht, whoever he is.

Yes, I was too mean to even consider paying him for hastalavistavista.com; no idea how much he wants. Maybe not much if Apple have any kind of claim. I notice Apple didn’t include the exclamation mark. Not sure if it makes any difference. It’s a fairly obvious play on the Vista name – almost asking for it – so may be in the public domain.

Thanks to M. Mathieu Plante for the photo, which he was kind enough to make public. That’s one less cease and desist to worry about.



  1. The exclamation mark should be a valid reason (with a good lawyer) to claim the substantial difference on grounds of emotional attitude incorporated into the phrasing. Besides, “hasta la vista” is from Spanish. And you can claim that you like Spanish and this particular phrase. I don’t think that Apple has copyrights on every good phrase in even major languages. And don’t be scared, otherwise I’d be afraid of Windows suing for using their trademark in negative connotations. Cheers! 😉

  2. Thanks Nicky but this site is too well established now. Cheers anyway.


  3. Heh!
    I bought it a while ago while I still hated vista (Now I just dislike it) but never got anything done.

    I was thinking about more or less giving it away if anyone wants it 😉

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